My very first self development book was written by Susan Jeffers and it was called “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” and I think ever since then I’ve always still felt the fear., it never goes away but you find ways of dealing with it. You find ways of getting over yourself and actually getting on with stuff because it’s always the case that once you get over the fear and actually take action…that’s where it all happens.

What do we feel when we feel the fear? Well generally we worry about things and doing something that maybe will make us feel like people are going to laugh at us or it might fail and we tend to worry about the bad stuff.

So, it might be making a sales call and the fear is that you’ll be rejected. It might be promoting an event that you’re doing and the fear is that people won’t come. Whatever it is, here are five things you can do to get over it.

1. Understand your reason WHY!

I know you’re going to have a little bit of a groan about this one. We hear this all the time, right? But I mea,n take a step back and understand WHY you are trying to push this particular self-comfort boundary. If it is that you’ve got to make a phone call to somebody that you worried they might reject you then remember WHY that call is so important, because it isn’t just about that particular call, it’s about making ALL of those calls and the more that you can make, the less fear you are going to feel and the more it’s going to do for you business.

So think of the Why’s in terms of “Why have you got your business in the first place? What does success in your business actually bring you? More freedom with time? More financial freedom? and remind yourself WHY you’re actually bothering to put yourself through this. When you do think about your WHY it gives you that motivation to push forward and get over the fear and move on.

2. Act as if

Now, the second one is to “act as if”. We do a lot of ‘what ifs’. What if it fails? What if people don’t like it?  and so on…all very negative. What about turning that around? What if it is a success? What if it does work What if people do love it? and act as if those are the things that are going to happen. Don’t focus on the negative. Act as if it’s all going to work really, really well because the chances are, if you think like that and you have the mindset like that, then that is EXACTLY what’s going to happen. Try it, “act as if”.

3. Just do it.”

I often say this, and sometimes I’m frowned upon a little bit, but sometimes, you have to just get over yourself and face that fear. Taking that first step is the hardest bit. Once you’ve taken that first step it makes everything else after that seems so much easier.  Just do it – take the first step as then the second step becomes easier and so on and so on. Don’t think about it too much. Do it.

4. Focus on the consequences of you NOT doing whatever it is that you are fearing.

Now one of my favorite examples here is, going ‘LIVE’ on social media. So many business women and female entrepreneurs are fearful of it. They worry about how they look, how they sound, about how they might freeze up and not be able to do it. Whatever it is that’s holding you back, you have to remember your ‘why’. But also what happens if you don’t do it now. If you keep putting it off on a daily basis nothing really happens, no biggie? However if you don’t do that phone call or if you don’t do that face book live or whenever it is you ‘ re fearing, what will happen? NOTHING. No changes mean NO CHANGES!

One of the most soul destroying things is, that nothing happens, that everything will stay the same. Now the majority of the time, we need to push our comfort zones in order to grow. We need to move forward and that’s why we need to take these scary actions…the alternative is worse! It can be worse than the fear of actually doing it. So say for example you know once you grow your business you might be running on the side for now so that you can leave a permanent job or they can leave a job that you don’t like but it’s not where you need it to be financially. If you don’t push those comfort zones your business is never going to grow which means you’re never going to get to leave that job and that’s not what you want to be doing!

5. Be imperfectly perfect

I struggled with this and still struggle to be honest! I am a self-confessed recovering perfectionist. One of the biggest procrastination crimes out there is waiting for everything to be perfect first before you take action. We hold back and tell ourselves “I’m not ready, I’m not good enough. It’s not perfect I haven’t got it perfect,  it’s not the perfect time for me to be doing that, I need to lose more weight!” Whatever it is, sometimes you’ve just got to flag it up as “procrastination” and don’t hold back.  The time is now, that is the perfect time to do it. So number five is practice being imperfectly perfect.

To conclude, living in fear sucks! It’s miserable. What you need to be doing is taking action.

It’s not about me being perfect. It’s about getting it done

You’re unlikely to ever get rid of that fear and that would be very boring too!. It’s about harnessing it. Sometimes when you feel nervous and you feel fearful,  one of the best ways is to just repackage it and decide that it’s excitement. You are excited about what this fearful action is going to do next for you. Where it is going to take a business. How is it going to develop your new marketing strategy?

Take that fear and turn it into excitement

Sara x

PS. If you know something is holding you back and you’re not sure how to push on through, why not book a free 30 min call with me and see how I can help…time to take action!