It’s all about inspiring and empowering!

There is nothing more fabulous than being able to reach, touch and inspire a room full of enterprising women over 40…well it’s one of my favourite things to do anyway…perhaps it’s just me!

My talks are always interactive and engaging and I like to think entertaining too…got to have a laugh or two, right?

There are a range of subjects I love to speak about covering most areas of business but I really love to speak about the opportunitites enterprising women over 40 have now with making the most of the internet. Most women are fearful about becoming more visible online and there is nothing I love more than to inspire them to have a go and make some videos to get started!

Mature and ‘Wise Women’ have so much to give, they have accumulated so much experience, knowledge and talent over the years, but most don’t realise the potential they have to grow profitable online businesses or develop new revenue streams for their already successful off line businesses.

Let me at them!

If you’d like to talk to me about speaking at a networking event, doing some group training or speaking at an event, feel free to get in touch.

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