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The mission

The Wise Woman Academy is an online group coaching, business development hub for women in midlife and beyond, like you, who want to take action so as to gain financial and time freedom.

It’s about doing something worth while with your accumulated knowledge, expertise and talents that benefits you and others you wish to support.

It is my mission to inspire, empower and support women all over the world to maximise their valuable experience, knowledge, skills and talents by creating content and products like online courses, workshops, events and publications that not only have an impact and make a difference to others but that also generate the revenues they desire.

I’m on hand to help, with you step by step with clear training that helps you take action…which is where it all happens!

“Success is relative, we all have different wants, desire and needs. Many women, in this stage of their lives, really want more than to bring in an income, they want to do something really worth while, something that gives back and feel they are now more able to do that than ever before.”

you resonate with any of these…

Succesful solo business owner…who needs more time & profits

There’s never any time to start anything new – your business is a success, you work hard and you are super busy BUT you are scared to take time off because, if you are not ‘working’ your income drops, you’re over worked and feel underpaid and yet you are providing an amazing service…you wish you could clone yourself, you cannot see how you can make more profit and take more time off. You long to be able to gain some residual income that would allow you time to think and grow your business, or have more time for family and friends…or dare I say it…FOR YOU!


Successful career woman who took a break & now wants to do something new

You’ve had a great career but you decided to take a break and concentrate on being an amazing mum and have a family. But they are older now and you are dying to do something for yourself. But what? You’ve been out of the game for a number of years, you’re not the same person you used to be and you want something new…but what? Maybe you’re not even sure who you are anymore, as you’ve not let yourself come first for…well a while. Do you get a job? Do you start your own business? You’re intelligent, very capable but need some clarity on what to do next.


The successful career woman who has had enough!

You’re successful, you’re very experienced and you’ve climbed the corporate ladder BUT you are now finding that you are not always happy with how things are done by the company you work for. You long to go it alone and work on your terms. But how can you give up that salary? Those company benefits? What are the first steps to take? Hmmmm you just need a way out, you’re not interested in getting another job, you’re too full of ideas and desires of how you would like to work and who you’d like to serve. Yup, you’re now fantasising about being made redundant! Time to take some action and make some changes


Creating passive income is fast becoming your best option!

You’re successful and you love what you do BUT you’re needed by someone close, maybe a parent, spouse or child. They need some extra support and care and YOU REALLY want to be there for them. You’re having to leave your job or business regularly to help them and are now thinking you need to change things. You want to care for them and be there BUT you have to support yourself or your family and know there must be another way to manage it all. You’re experienced, have great knowledge and skills, you just need to know how to create passive income from them and where to start!

What you can expect to receive & discover


All the support, inspiration and empowerment you need to ensure you understand, acknowledge and maximise your true potential and how to deliver it to your ideal client.

Step-by-Step training on how to create online courses, raise visibility, become confident on camera, make videos and more

Learn how to gain clarity on exactly who you are, what you do, who you do it for, how you do it AND how to create a business that works for YOU and delivers the revenues and lifestyle you need from it.

You’ll experience the power of having like minded women around you who ‘get you’ and ‘have your back’. Fabulous!

What’s included?

Access to Sara as your business coach, with you every step of the way

Access to all Sara’s online courses including:

Course Creation Bootcamp (worth £997)

Idea to Income (worth £197)

Create your 1st online course (worth £197)

Be clear, confident and unstoppable (Worth £75)

PLUS everything in the Wise Woman Academy Vault, the practical techy bits unravelled and demystified!

Weekly accountability support

Weekly “office hours” for additional ‘LIVE face to face’ support in a group coaching online room with Sara

Monthly goal setting and planning online meeting, to help you find the time to do everything, stay out of overwhelm, get organised and get stuff done using Sara’s 5 step formular

Monthly  ‘Take Action On…’ bitesize modules that offer practical step by step training on one of four areas: Marketing and Social Media, Business and Finance, Mindset and Organisation

Access to guest expert interviews and webinars

Videos, resources, printables and workbooks

Monthly online networking meetings…with a social twist!

The invaluable closed Facebook Group, our community. This is where the real magic happens!  We are small but perfectly formed and the size means great networking and we all get to know and support each other really well.  Amazing support, fun  and I am active daily in the group. You are not alone, we will totally ‘get you’, you’re going to feel safe pushing boundaries here!

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“I’ve been working with Sara for some time now and it’s been a really wonderful experience. Sara has a great depth of knowledge which she shares with enthusiasm and passion. She is meticulous in her attention to detail but never boring or patronising. Don’t expect hype from Sara, she will lead you through what is possible and help you get very clear on your expectations. She knows when to push hard and when to allow you to work at your own pace and her no nonsense approach is very empowering. I’m very excited for the future working with Sara.”

Susan C

“I find the structure and support I get enables me to be more in control of my business. The practical tools are a great help to keep me on track and to help me develop new skills. I have people to test out ideas on and who will support and encourage me as well as challenge me to move out of my comfort zone”

Ann S

JAS Properties

“I love being a member. It has helped me in so many ways already! It’s given me a kick up the backside in a few areas where it was needed. It has helped me reach some big and life changing decisions which I felt I needed support in making. It’s taught me new ways to market in both my full time role as publicity & social media for a book publisher and also in my Arbonne social marketing business. I’ve made some lovely new friends, reignited some old friendships and I am thoroughly enjoying being a member! A very inspiring, motivational and supportive group!”

Kim N


“What a fabulous support network to be involved in, Sara knows business very well and is a ray of positive energy that emulates throughout the group. Everyone is made to feel very welcome by Sara. I am learning new & exciting things every session I attend and there are many more to come! ”

Joanne W